~A place to wonder~



It’s nice to know people can share their writings with others, some good, some bad, yet most are simply confusing to our complex mind, but we still enjoy each one. No matter how confusing it is to the reader, it gives the writer the perfect chance to share the reality they love to escape to. It matters not if it’s a reality of fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, or theatrical, all remains the same for the writer, it’s a reality they have had the pleasure to escape to. For the writer and reader alike, the adventure each of us takes will be an epic one in our own mind.

The mind is the part of the individual that knows, wills, thinks, feels and reasons, yet the best part of the mind allows us to leave the reality we know to venture into a place of our own choosing.

The Mind of Confusion or is it the confusion of the mind?  For me the mind has been a complex unit of the body, and I’ve always wondered just how much of it we use, and how much of the mind goes to waste? I find myself wondering if I’ll ever know?

I have been writing for the last 30 plus years (no formal education), but only the last fifteen or so years have I kept anything I’ve written. *smack me upside the head* so now instead of me keeping my writings to myself and in a box I decided to put them here. I’m not sure if any will like what I have written, *shrugs* What can I say when I have them coming from a confused mind or is it.

The Mind Of Confusion

Most of what I write are from a reality I have had the pleasure to enter, and I have had many that I have yet to complete. I wasn’t sure if I should add them or not, But now that I have thought about it I think I will add some, just to give you glimpse of the realities I have entered that is beyond our own. I’m looking for both good and bad criticism  and everything in-between if not I’ll never be able to improve on my writings, so all comments are more than welcome.

I hope you enjoy entering my Mind Of Confusion…………..

update: 4-20-16


6 thoughts on “~A place to wonder~

  1. Hello ole friend. I love your blog… good job!
    As a writer, you keep getting better and better with each piece. You completely engage my mind and emotions. I want to share them with you but not here. 😉

    • WOW! great to see you Zassy, it’s been a long time I’ll send you a message over at ez 🙂 Glad you made it over here. 🙂

  2. Proud of you brother. Looking forward to the blogs. Good luck. Keep up the good work. I love you

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